Feldman Wellness Center: An Integrative Approach

Are you experiencing chronic pain? Have you tried everything, but are still suffering from tension in your neck, back and shoulders?

At Feldman Wellness Center in Kingston, New Jersey, we advocate a whole body approach to healing. Our purpose is to help people who are suffering from chronic pain, which is affecting their daily life and work, and also those who have other health challenges and haven’t found resolution for them.

Dr. Feldman has been in practice for over 30 years. In addition to low-force Chiropractic using the Activator Method, he is an expert Feldenkrais practitioner offering private Feldenkrais Method® sessions. He is also a Registered CranioSacral Therapist, as well as a Nutrition Response TestingTM practitioner.

Dr. Feldman uses a comprehensive, integrated approach; utilizing whatever modality or combination of therapies best suits the patients’ needs. This non-invasive, non-drug, and non-surgical approach is suitable for all ages and different conditions.

Our proven results can be seen in the countless testimonials and reviews from our patients. Find out how you can join them in finding permanent pain resolution and solutions for your chronic health conditions. If you are open and receptive to complementary and alternative ways of healing, call Feldman Wellness Center today.

Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method is designed to improve flexibility and coordination to reduce and overcome back pain. Find out how this therapy can help with permanent back and neck pain resolution.

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Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy

Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form which assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair. Find out how this therapy can help non-resolving health conditions.

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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response TestingTM

With Nutrition Response Testing we develop a personalized, advanced nutrition plan, designed just for you, that elevates the potential of success. Find out how this treatment option can help with chronic conditions.

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Low force chiropractic


Safe, scientific, and low force Chiropractic adjustments to remove inteference (subluxations) to the Nervous System. Find out how Dr. Feldman’s chiropractic approach can help you find a chronic pain solution today!

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Relief from postural and pattern changes

I worked with Dr Feldman in his capacity as chiropractor as well as craniosacral and Feldenkrais practitioner; 30 sessions spread over 6 months. I initially came for help with pain in one of my knees: Dr Feldman resolved this problem in one session by changing the movement pattern in my hips. Almost every subsequent session brought noticeable improvements in my posture, movement patterns, and energy levels. For instance, for decades I used to keep my head slightly bend to one side, and with Dr Feldman’s help this tendency disappeared (and it didn’t return in the several months since we stopped working together). I also habitually twisted my spine so that my right hip was moved back, while my right shoulder jutted forward compensating for the twist. I still do it but to a much smaller extent, and I am now aware when I am doing so, while previously I had no idea I did. In fact, the pattern was so ingrained, it took me months to even notice it. A correlate of these postural and pattern changes is that I now have more energy than I used to have, and I find it noticeably easier to go through stressful events and other changes. For instance, my work requires me to travel across time zones, including to Asia, Australia, and Europe, and, to my surprise, during the trips I took following my work Dr Feldman, I found it much easier to adjust to jet lag than at any point in the past.

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