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My body has re-learned how to properly move

When I came to see Dr. Feldman a year ago, I was having acute pain in my shoulder/neck area. He provided immediate relief and more importantly, worked with me so that my body re-learned how to properly move. This has resulted in faster, more efficient running (I jog 3-4 times a week) with quicker recovery. And on the days where I am on my phone, laptop, tablet looking down for extended periods of time (which triggered my initial issues), my body easily recovers— on its own, so the stiffness and moderate pain disappears quickly either overnight or through movements I have learned with Dr. Feldman. My posture has improved too!

Within a week I felt FANTASTIC and my acid reflux is gone.

I had been suffering from acid reflux for about 8 to 10 years. I wanted to solve this health problem naturally and kept thinking that tomorrow I will eat the right combination of foods and all will be well. That did not happen. I tried a supplement that was recommended to me by a health food store, but that did not work. I recently visited Dr. Ed Feldman for a nutritional consult and was given supplements and nutritional advice specific to my body and specifically to correct my acid reflux as well. WOW! The first day I already felt better. Within a week I felt FANTASTIC and my acid reflux is gone. I look and feel better than I have in 8 to 10 years. My facial skin, which was constantly red and puffy from inflamed blood vessels (rosacea) and seemed to continually get worse, has cleared up! It seems that the irritation and inflammation that was happening inside my body was showing on my skin. My attitude toward living has changed and I feel youthful again. I did not realize how much this acid reflux was dragging my body down in many different ways. I realize now that I had felt malaise all over due to this condition. I had also gained weight (despite exercising up to two hours per day) and discovered from Dr. Feldman that this is because many of the foods I was eating were not agreeing with me and were causing inflammation in my body. It was easy to modify my diet. I already feel lighter and feel optimistic that I now have the knowledge – and the power – to lose the weight that just would not budge before. I was previously taking many supplements and thought I was doing okay. But I was not taking the correct supplements. The cost of the nutritional advice and supplements from Dr. Feldman will easily pay for itself, as I am now taking fewer supplements but taking the correct ones – the ones that my body specifically needs. I feel so much better that my productivity and happiness has increased. This equates to a better income and a better life. Thank you Dr. Feldman!

by Carolina, Graduate student on Feldman Wellness Center
Understand what causes pain and get rid of it

Everyone at some point experiences pain and is forced to go to a doctor, then end up waiting hours only to be seen for five minutes and treated with strong pain medication. If this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. Most doctors nowadays help patients mask the pain without treating the source of it. Dr. Feldman’s focus is to understand what causes the pain and how to get rid of it. He takes the time to treat each and everyone of his patients, making sure that when you leave his office you are feeling better than when you came in. His understanding and years of experience treating pain make him an expert in knowing what the body needs. Over the months I have been seeing Dr. Feldman, my pain has dramatically decreased and now I am able to work without medication. I feel that I can now enjoy more of life without constantly feeling pain. He treats the body as a whole and focuses on all areas including how nutrition or lack thereof can lead to pain. This became apparent to me once I began changing my diet and noticed how not only did I feel more energized, but may pain subsided. He even helped me with my posture, something I have struggled with almost my entire life. There is still work to be done but I never imagined myself feeling the way I do after being in so much pain a few months ago. Dr. Feldman truly cares about the patient with the end goal of removing the source of the pain.

I felt so relaxed, almost light-headed.

When I came in for my CranialSacral session, I felt as though my left side was heavy and off balance. I also had the sensation of a pinched nerve in my left buttock. After the session, I felt so relaxed, almost light-headed. I felt that my body was balanced and the pinched nerve sensation had eased up. I will follow up the session with walking and being more mobile, in order to help this treatment “stick."

A leader in what is modern well-being care

Dr. Feldman is more than just a chiropractor, in that he delivers a fully integrated body and mind kind of health care. He is a registered cranio-sacral therapist, as well as a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. Not only does he blend these three disciplines to provide proactive health care, but he listens to his patients, in much the way a psychotherapist would. He then tailors each session to your immediate need. All the while he educates you as he explains the workings and benefits of the treatment he has chosen. Dr. Feldman can even assist people with nutritional support after assessing the body's needs through nutritional response testing. By utilizing all of these tools within his toolbox, Dr. Feldman has made himself a leader in what is modern well-being care.

Nutrition Services Are Top Notch

My first visit to Dr Feldman was a happy accident and I began to work with him for nutrition consultation. The unconventional approach of using nutrition response testing makes for an extremely accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.I had been suffering from several vague and not-so-vague conditions for quite some time and Dr Feldman was able to pinpoint the underlying deficiencies that were leading to these symptoms and recommend organic, whole food based supplements to help correct the deficiencies. That combined with guidance on foods to avoid and limit has allowed me to begin to feel healthy again.Within 2 weeks of treatment with Dr Feldman, I began to notice huge changes in the way I was feeling and even in my appearance. The key to a successful treatment is to follow the program. Remember that every guideline is personally tailored to your own nutritional needs and trust the recommendations are best for your health. If you stick to the program, you can expect great results.

A True Healer

A true healer, simply by virtue of his chosen vocation, is remarkable. One whose unconventional methods are successful is even more so. Dr. Edward Feldman achieves positive changes within the body, however subtle, using a time tested kinesthetic approach to healing. Employing three different modalities, he has elicited in me, changes resulting in increased energy and fluidity of movement. There is a dynamic between body and mind achieved by his integration of Feldenkrais, craniosacral, and chiropractic methods. Following each treatment, I have felt an energy burst, greater productivity, less stress, more stamina, and an overall shift in my mental outlook.

Relief from postural and pattern changes

I worked with Dr Feldman in his capacity as chiropractor as well as craniosacral and Feldenkrais practitioner; 30 sessions spread over 6 months. I initially came for help with pain in one of my knees: Dr Feldman resolved this problem in one session by changing the movement pattern in my hips. Almost every subsequent session brought noticeable improvements in my posture, movement patterns, and energy levels. For instance, for decades I used to keep my head slightly bend to one side, and with Dr Feldman’s help this tendency disappeared (and it didn’t return in the several months since we stopped working together). I also habitually twisted my spine so that my right hip was moved back, while my right shoulder jutted forward compensating for the twist. I still do it but to a much smaller extent, and I am now aware when I am doing so, while previously I had no idea I did. In fact, the pattern was so ingrained, it took me months to even notice it. A correlate of these postural and pattern changes is that I now have more energy than I used to have, and I find it noticeably easier to go through stressful events and other changes. For instance, my work requires me to travel across time zones, including to Asia, Australia, and Europe, and, to my surprise, during the trips I took following my work Dr Feldman, I found it much easier to adjust to jet lag than at any point in the past.

by Paul Dahl on Feldman Wellness Center
The results I received are unparalleled

Dr. Feldman uses none of the contrivances found in conventional medicine. His finely honed touch and instincts serve as his instrumentation, probing far deeper than mechanical means would allow. Experiencing the body’s condition intimately, as if he, himself, and his patient were one, Dr. Feldman connects with the body’s astounding aptitude for self healing through modalities not recognized by modern science or the current practice of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. His knowledge of human physiology, the human condition, and sincere desire to truly restore his clients to unexpected levels of well being far surpass the results obtained by practices routinely following insurance and pharma guidelines. Each soul entrusted to Dr. Feldman receives the gift of individualized attention, prognosis, treatment, and guidance.I know because I am a patient of Dr. Feldman. His techniques are unique to me, just as the results I received are unparalleled. One must first experience and become comfortable with treatment like no other. Having heretofore taken solace in traditional medical arenas, I had to adjust to Dr. Feldman’s “unorthodox” claims and practices. Healing without prescription. Treatment without technology. Far afield from my recognized comfort zone. And yet as I left Dr. Feldman, scratching my head and pondering what had just happened, I realized that my pain was gone. Completely gone. The back pain that was impervious to three Percocets per hour, anti-inflammation meds, muscle relaxers, pain killers, numerous chiropractor visits, pain management specialists for days upon days was G-O-N-E. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen. הֱיה שלום. Au Revoir. Arrivederci.Of this I am certain, I drove home without pain and, more significantly, feeling a sense of well being that had escaped me for…well maybe forever? Indeed, had I been touched by a shaman? A hoax? How could it be? And despite all my rationalizations and conceptualizations, sing it from the highest hill…my pain was absent. I cannot deny.Abandon your expectations and prior experiences at his door step! Enter into Dr. Feldman’s realm of treatment, and leave your pain and suffering behind. I am eternally grateful to those who encouraged me to try. Without exception, everybody I have met who has experienced Dr. Feldman has reported similar results. You have nothing to lose but your pain and suffering.

Dramatically improvement of conditions in ways that traditional Western medicine had not

I came to Dr. Feldman with a couple of significant concerns. One related to difficulty breathing, for which I had previously been treated unsuccessfully with surgery for a deviated septum. The other issue related to frequent nighttime urination, for which I had been treated by a urologist, with little result. Using a combination of all of his techniques (but primarily CanioSacral), Dr. Feldman was within weeks able to swiftly and dramatically improve both of these conditions in ways that traditional Western medicine had not. Although I was initially skeptical of his unorthodox methods, I decided to suspend disbelief and see what happened. The results have been remarkable; my breathing is much improved and the nightly urination has been greatly diminished. Other seemingly disconnected nagging issues such as an occasionally aching Achilles heel, and a sore elbow, also are much improved. Based on these results, I was open to Dr. Feldman’s suggestion that I also try his nutrition program. Doing so has been extraordinarily challenging and required much discipline, but the corresponding benefits are also remarkable. Within a month or two I lost nearly 15 pounds, which have stayed off. My overall energy and fitness levels make me feel a youthfulness, which I had not in years. A couple of examples: (1) I am able to run now as I had not for years, even recently beating my 20 year-old niece in a foot race; and (2) although I have always stayed fit, I am now at times able to do a lot more, such as 10 chin-ups, which I could not before. Overall, I feel lighter, younger and healthier. It must be noticeable, because friends and relatives have remarked on my improved appearance. I would be happy to discuss Dr. Feldman and the expert care he provides with anybody who would like to have such a conversation.

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